Thursday, December 18, 2014

Elizabeth Clubs and groups

Looking at the history of Elizabeth, one thing that has always amazed me is the number of clubs and groups that existed in the early years.    Here is a list from the 1960's.  Some I have no idea what they did.  Maybe you were a member of a club and have some informaition to share.  We would love to hear from you.

Apex Club of ElizabethCivilian Widows AssociationCountry Women’s AssociationElizabethan John Ball Association
Elizabeth Amateur Cine Society
Elizabeth Amateur Radio Club
Elizabeth Angling Club
Elizabeth Archery Club
Elizabeth Arts Society
Elizabeth Bowls Club
Elizabeth Caledonian Society
Elizabeth Camera Club
Elizabeth Centrals Darts Club
Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce
Elizabeth Chess Club
Elizabeth Creative Writers Club
Elizabeth Greyhound Racing Club
Elizabeth Sporting Club
Elizabeth Floral and Horticultural Society
Elizabeth Grove Darts Club
Elizabeth Harmony Choir
Elizabeth Judokai Club
Elizabeth Junior Chamber of Commerce
Elizabeth Lions Club
Elizabeth Lions Ladies
Elizabeth Model Aero and Boat Club
Elizabeth Model Road Racing Club
Elizabeth Moto Cycle Club
Elizabeth North Progress Assoc
Elizabeth Progress Council
Elizabeth Philatelic Society
Elizabeth Pistol Club
Elizabeth Racing Pigeons Club
Elizabeth Ratepayers Association
Elizabeth Repertory Company
Elizabeth Review Group
Elizabeth Riding Club
Elizabeth RSL Ladies Auxiliary
Elizabeth & Salisbury Old Tyme Dance Club
Elizabeth-Salisbury Air Force Association
Elizabeth-Salisbury Sub-Branch Thirty Niners
Elizabeth School of Dancing
Elizabeth Singers
Elizabeth Society of Yorkshiremen
Elizabeth Model Railway Club
Elizabeth-Salisbury Public Schools Choral Society
Elizabeth South Junior Red Cross
Elizabeth Sub-Branch ALP
Elizabeth Sub-Branch RSL
Elizabeth Variety Orchestra
Elizabeth West Workign Men’s Club
Ex-Naval Association of Aust (Sub branch)
Ex POW Sub Branch Ladeis Auxillary
Good Neighbour Council
League of Health
Northern Districts Underwater Club
North Downs Residents Association
Para District Obedience Dog Club
Penguin Club of Elizabeth
Royal Air Force Assoc
Salisbury and Elizabeth Brass Band
Elizabeth-Salisbury Bush Nursery Society
Elizabeth-Salisbury Old age and Invalid Pensioners Assoc
Toc H
Vale Sports and Social Club
YWCA Housewives Clubs
Munno Para Invitation Homing Pigeon Club
North Para Scouts and Cubs
Elizabeth Northern Division Girl Guides
Girls Life Brigade
British Empire Boys
Eighteen Plus Club
Elizabeth Girl Dancing and Physical Culture
Glen Elizabeth Club
North Elizabeth Youth Club
RSL Elizabeth Girls Marching Club
Teens Club

Monday, December 8, 2014

Local Business 1965

Here are some local business advertisments from the Messenger NEwspaper in 1965. 
Does it bring back any memories?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Memories

Family history is more than names and dates on a tree.  That’s always a great starting  point, but creating stories about your ancestors is what brings people to life and makes your family history remarkable.
For many, the time approaching Christmas evokes memories about this time of year.  Christmas traditions, Christmas trees, dinners, presents, family members, Father Christmas and who could forget food.  It takes time, practice and help to record your memories.  So often events get reduced to one sentence, such as, yes, we celebrated Christmas in our house.

Christmas is a great time to consider recording these memories for your family history.  Genebloggers has created an advent calendar of Christmas memories, 24 prompts to help you record your Christmas time memories.  Each day there is a topic with questions for you to ponder. Day one, what are your memories of your family putting up the Christmas tree? Day five, what songs were your favourites as a child and are they still your favourites or do you have new ones?  Once you get started you will realise there are many stories that are worth recording for future generations.  You can view the whole Advent calendar of Christmas Memories here   
If this inspires you to delve into your family history, you can access further assistance from our local history volunteers, the Elizabeth Library in the New Year.  Our volunteers are taking a well-earned break from 10th December and will return in the New Year on the 14th of January.  There is no need to book, come along, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 – 1:00pm or Friday 9:00 – 12:00pm.  Until then have a Merry Christmas and make many more happy memories for the future.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sylvan Glade

Angle Vale rd, Angle Vale

The limestone house is believed to have been constructed in 1872, from stone sourced from the Gawler River. Extensions were built in 1994 also out of limestone.   The land on which the house stands was originally granted to Samuel White in 1852 (Section 3878, 4139, 4140). It was subsequently purchased by Benjamin Heaslip  a few weeks later on September 29th. 
Mr. Burford store owner, closed the business when he brought Mr. Benjamin Heaslip's farm on 30 April 1896 for £1050.5.8.  In 1914, Burford was recorded as owning Sections 3878 (63 acres), 4139 (80 acres) and part of 4140 (76 acres).

Rifle practice was carried out at the butts erected at the north end of the road running towards the river from Mr. Benjamin Heaslip’s house (later J Buford’s) an even to this day the road has retained the name of Butt road. 
Burford died on 19 March 1917 and in May 1924 the property was transferred to John Bastow Burford.  John owned the property until 29 March 1956, when it was sold to Leslie George Stevens and his wife Inez Beryl, a farmer.

The property became known as Sylvan Glade around 1964, so named by Inez Stevens.  The name means wooded or groves of trees in a serene place.  Her mother and husbands mother had middle names Sylvia and Gladys, which contributed to the reason for the name.
The Stevens family has long been associated with the district, five generations of the Stevens family has resided in the area.  Brothers BE and JC Stevens purchased property around the turn of the century.

The property is up for sale 

1852      Land granted to Samuel White1853      Purchased by Benjamin Heaslip1872      Constructed1896      Sold to Burford family1956      Sold by Burford’s to Leslie G Stevens 1964      Named Sylvan Glade
1994      Extensions to house

Monday, November 3, 2014

Snake Gully Bridge, 1873

Snake Gully Bridge 1873

There were diggings at the Barossa,
And the goldfields not far away.
Many settlers north of the River,
With wood to cart each day.

The road was narrow, rough and steep.
When floods came down, the stream was deep,
The crossing very unsafe to make
A bridge is needed, make no mistake.

They organised a picnic promptly,
Invited Parliamentary men,
So they could show them exactly
With what they had to contend.

The Bridge was granted an built of stone,
It was paid from the sale of a Treasury loan,
The contracts with pride and much endeavour,
Said he had built it to last for ever.

What many changes this Bridge has seen,
From horse and buggy and bullock team,
Trucks and transports, cars galore,
Pass on her more and more.

 Now as the Little Para flows slowly by,
Space ships are hurtling in the sky,
Many great men we honour today,
But let us remember our forefathers who paved the way.

Written by Jean Roberts in 1962. 
Jean's husbands grandmother, Cecilia Wilson McEwin laid the foundation stone (pictured above) in 1873.